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How I Earned Over $2,000 Last Month Blogging

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“How I Made Over $50,000 Blogging Last Month!” That was the title of a blog post I encountered a little over two years ago during my Pinterest scrolling.

That’s quite the figure, right?! To say I was intrigued is putting it mildly. I mean c’mon, $50k in one month?! That was more than what I was making per year at my office job!

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I read the post and from there, I immediately longed to earn an income blogging from home to replace my office job.

I started dreaming of no more 9-5, commutes, worrying about daycare, and only seeing my family for a few hours a day. I longed to be as successful as that blogger.

Fast forward to now. I’m not making anywhere near $50,000 since launching my blog in August 2017, BUT I am making enough to make it worthwhile.

While those five or even six figures of income a month are amazing, sometimes they don’t give you the full picture. Some hide the fact that after expenses, their profit can be half or even way less!

And high income reports can also damage the momentum of new bloggers like myself. We start wondering “What am I doing wrong?” and “Why am I not successful yet?!”

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So that brings me to my first income report post. I finally decided to publish this post because it’s the most I’ve earned so far and for the shortest month of the year. You’ll see what I earned, what my profit was, and what my growth is because, with hard work, blogging IS a real way to make money from home.

Let’s get started!

Last month I earned $2,347.22 from my blog. The key word here is “earned” because even though I made this figure last month, I won’t see some of this money until 30 – 60 days out — maybe more depending on the program. Some programs also have threshold amounts before they pay out. And lastly, you’ll also learn what my expenses were to arrive at my accurate figure.

Affiliate Sales

The majority (60%) of my earnings were from affiliate sales. I promote products/services I love to my audience, and when they purchase, I receive a small commission. Like my friend, Caitlin Pyle would say, “Affiliate marketing is solving problems with other people’s products.”

I love affiliate marketing, and there are ways to do it correctly and incorrectly. You should promote products/services you genuinely believe in. To do otherwise is a sure way to lose the trust of your readers.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, I highly recommend taking Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

If you’ve never heard of Michelle, she is an entrepreneur, blogger, and affiliate marketing superstar. She makes over $60,000 per month — yes, per month — just from affiliate sales on her blog Making Sense of Cents. This woman knows her affiliate marketing stuff.

Ad Revenue

Next, 32% of my earnings came from ad revenue. There’s debate about whether running ads is the right thing to do. Some complain it interferes with the user-experience. My two cents: As a newbie blogger, ads help me keep the blog lights on, which allows me to share my content with my readers.

Maybe someday when I’m a five- or six-figure blogger, I can revisit this aspect of my blog, but for now, I love having ads on my site.

My Products

Lastly, 8% percent of my earnings were from my products. Some months this percentage is higher, averaging about 15%.


Last month I spent $216.06 to run my blog. The following amounts were my expenses last month:

Google Suite $5.00
PicMonkey $7.99
Deposit Photos $29
SendOwl $9.07
ConvertKit $29
Podia $39
Blogging course $97

The first six items are what I pay monthly. It’s important to note that I pay for other services to keep my blog running, but they’re not mentioned because I chose the annual plan and have already paid for them in prior months. These expenses are the following: Tailwind, Social Warfare, Thrive Themes, Siteground hosting, NameCheap domain renewal, and Grammarly.

So after expenses, my blog profit for February was… drum roll, please… $2,131.16.

Final Thoughts on Blogging

Going forward, I would like to focus on SEO, increase my own products sales so I can help out more moms who want to work from home. I would also like to post more and keep a more consistent content calendar, but with three kids under 10 and one on the way plus a full-time gig as a virtual assistant, time and energy are rare commodities these days.

If anyone ever tells you blogging is easy or that you can have a successful blog up and running in a matter of minutes, run the other way. Those are lies! Lies, I tell ya!

Even though I launched my blog in August 2017, I wasted a lot of time doubting myself, and didn’t make my first $5 until January 2018 — five months later! The following month I made $10. From there, my blogging income slowly grew. I didn’t hit my first $1,000 until September 2018.

My advice if want to start a blog AND you’re an overthinker like I am, just get started. Here are some great resources from Suzi Whitford:

FREE – First Month Blog Plan by Suzi Whitford. Here are 31 actionable steps to take in your first month of blogging.

Blog By Number Course by Suzi Whitford. Suzi’s blogging course is designed for moms who want to start a blog. It contains step-by-step tutorial vids that are quick and easy to follow.

Stop waiting for things to be perfect or until you feel enough like an expert to pull the trigger. Sometimes you won’t learn what you need to until you start “doing” and stop overthinking.

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work from home, blogging income, blogging from home, mom blog