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The $40k Work-At-Home Skill You Already Have

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If the idea of working literally from anywhere according to your schedule appeals to you, keep reading. 🙂

I love talking about the best ways to make money from home and the different ways to work for yourself to create your best life.

You may not be aware of the lesser known way to do this is by proofreading.

Yet there is an incredibly high demand for proofreading worldwide, and the best part is that you don’t need to be in any specific location to do the job… it’s all from your computer or tablet!

With proofreading, you take content that other people have written and proofread it with a fine-toothed comb to make it perfect.

This gig is obviously for a very specific type of person who LOVES to correct grammar, hates when authors use a comma splice, or makes note of spelling errors on a restaurant menu. It takes a certain “eagle eye” ability to be good at proofreading!

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Earning Potential as a Proofreader

Now, how much can you make as a proofreader? Well, I earn up to $36/hour proofreading! And I also happen to have a couple proofreader friends who are making a lot! There are some proofreaders earning over $40,000 working for themselves and loving it!

Proofreading is the up-and-coming profession that — due to the rise in popularity of self-publishing — will start to become more competitive in the coming years, so better get on board now and become an expert!

The Best Proofreading Instructor

My friend Caitlin Pyle over at is one of the most talented proofreaders out there… and she has compiled all of her knowledge into a comprehensive course: General Proofreading: Theory & Practice™.

She’ll teach you the basics of proofreading to make sure you’re a word-skills SUPERSTAR. After you master the skills, she’ll show you how to turn this newfound knowledge into a profitable business. You’ll learn exactly how to find clients, structure your work days, and run a successful proofreading business. Pretty valuable stuff, right?

Caitlin is a former freelance proofreader in Florida. That was her primary income ($40k+ per year!) — until she realized that she was just as good at teaching proofreading as she was at actually doing it.

After some encouragement from her husband, Ben, she created an online transcript proofreading course which now has hundreds of graduates (myself included) and almost all of them have incredible success stories.

Her new course is similar to her first course but with a much broader appeal. While her Transcript Proofreading course focuses on proofreading legal transcripts, which takes longer to master, Caitlin’s General Proofreading course will set you up with the skills to grow a business proofreading more general — and fun! — types of texts like books, blog posts, resumes, news articles, etc.

This is a perfect opportunity for someone with word skills who’s looking to start working for themselves.

Caitlin and Proofread Anywhere have been featured in everything from Business Insider to Forbes to other online blogs like The Penny Hoarder.

How you can get started

Now, I totally understand you not wanting to jump headfirst into this. Caitlin has put together a FREE 45-minute workshop, where she will share more about herself (so you can get to know her), more about proofreading as a profession — including one great place to find work, and a free introductory tutorial on how to use the most popular proofreading tool on the market.

If you need more proof of Caitlin’s awesomeness, check out her many, many successful grad stories here.

Honestly, I know this course isn’t for everyone, but if you can answer yes to any of these questions, this may be just the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Are you always catching typos and misplaced commas?

Are you constantly correcting texts and Facebook posts?

Do you read through an email five times before you hit send?

Do you cringe when a restaurant menu has a misspelled word?

Then you need to check out the FREE workshop.

Deep down, you know you can get more out of life with the right skill set. You just have to start.

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