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How to Know It’s Time to Be Your Own Boss

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Are you sick and tired of your job? Do you have a deep-seated longing to be your own boss? To run the show and be the creator of your future? Do you fantasize about turning in your two weeks’ notice but aren’t sure if it’s “time”?

It’s no wonder you’d rather work for yourself. The job market of today isn’t attractive. Some companies are notorious for hiring talent for the least amount of money they can and then working them like cattle to make up for the lack of employees they have to do the job. Why would anyone want to be in that situation?

I’m not saying all companies are bad — in fact, I worked for a great one, but I’d reached the ceiling on where I could go in the organization. There was no room for advancement, and I got tired of only relying on a 2-3% rate increase each year. No matter how hard I worked, my income would always be the same until that little increase. Ultimately my income was up to someone else, not me.

I know you want to earn more, and you can — when you’re the boss.

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Earn More with Solid Skills

There are lots of ways to make money from home, but I prefer to talk about using skills you have or learning new skills to solve problems and getting paid. When you have solid skills, it’s entirely up to you how much money you earn. Learn more skills and thus make more money.

How do I know this? I was able to triple my income within two years of leaving my 9-5 all thanks to learning new skills. First I learned how to become a freelance proofreader, virtual assistant, and now blogging entrepreneur.

Between you and me, there is no perfect time for making the transition to starting your business and being your own boss.

If you keep waiting for this perfect time, it’ll never come.

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The Entrepreneur Spirit

Having said that, there are clues that you have the entrepreneur spirit and the time to start was actually yesterday.

A successful business must be built on solid ground. It takes planning and time and a considerable commitment to see it through to fruition.

You’ll encounter struggles and times where you want to pull out your hair, but at the end of the day, you know giving up isn’t an option.

You’ll find a way to meet all of your commitments and get the job done – even if it means working long hours and making personal sacrifices to be sure it’s done correctly.

If you’re ready to face that truth, you’re likely ready to become your own boss. Your mindset is one that seeks achievement rather than authority over others. You want to achieve on your own merits rather than leave your advancement to the discretion of a boss who may not know your potential.

You love challenges and wake up each morning ready to meet them. You’re ready to offer a product or service that goes beyond what everyone else has done.

Your Turn

Making the decision to leave your job will be one of the most difficult decisions you’ll make. It’ll also be one of the best. Let’s face it, you’re meant for more than a daily 9-5 grind you hate. You are completely capable of changing your situation and creating a life you love on your terms.

You just have to start.

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work from home, be your own boss, freelancing, entrepreneur