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How to decide whether you should have another baby

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So your youngest one is walking, being mobile and doesn’t require as much attention as he used to. And now the seeds of whether or not to have another child are being planted in your brain. It doesn’t help that family and friends keep pestering you with the question of when and if you’ll have another one. You’ve maybe even started yearning for those little fingers and toes to kiss. And let’s not forget how magical that new baby smell is.

So you’re finding yourself stuck in the place of whether or not to have another baby. You’re searching your memory banks of what having a new baby was like. You remember the pregnancies before and what it was like to hold that little bundle of joy.

I am right where you are. My youngest just turned two and only stays still for me to hold him when he’s falling asleep. Otherwise, I have to chase him down to get a kiss or hug. I’m starting to consider another child. I’m yearning a bit for the excitement of a new baby, but I also worry about the hardships a new baby can have on my family and the lifestyle we’ve gotten accustomed to.

Before making this significant change, let’s consider all the facts a new family member will have on the family.

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Family Support

Is your husband on board? Have you talked to him about it? It’s important to talk this out with your husband. Furthermore, how is your marriage? If your marriage is on the rocks, a child is not going to fix it, and a new baby shouldn’t be used as a bandage to cover those wounds.

What do your children think? Have they expressed interest in another sibling? Do you think they’re ready for another member?

Also, everyone has an opinion on the proper spacing between children. Some like a wide gap between children to give each child enough individual attention. Others prefer to have them close in age so they can be playmates. Which do you prefer?

Financial Situation

Money isn’t everything, but it’s crucial when raising a family. Can you afford to support a new life? And before that life gets here, can you afford the costs associated with pregnancy?

Let’s remember that during weeks 4 to 28 of pregnancy, you’ll be seeing your OB once a month. Then it becomes one visit every two weeks during weeks 28 to 36, and lastly, it’ll be every week during the final stretch. And this is just for a typical pregnancy. If you have a high-risk pregnancy, your OB will want to see you more often.

And once the baby gets here, there are the costs of labor and delivery. According to, “On average, U.S. hospital deliveries cost $3,500 per stay, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project. Add in prenatal, delivery-related and post-partum healthcare, and you’re looking at an $8,802 tab, according to a Thomson Healthcare study for March of Dimes.” Yowza!

Based on some general calculations from, your baby’s first year will run you about $11,000+. Yikes!

Do you have enough saved to cover some of these costs? Saving doesn’t have to be hard. Check out how I easily save money for emergencies and unexpected expenses.

Also, do you have the space for a new baby? Do you need to get a bigger place, meaning more costs? There’s a lot to consider in the financial arena.

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Lifestyle Change

Take a good look at your current lifestyle. Are you settled into a comfortable routine? Are you able to get your work done with little to no interruption? And perhaps the best part of all is that everyone is sleeping through the night. A new baby will undoubtedly disrupt this as they require a lot of time and energy and sleepless nights.

If you decide to breastfeed, it’ll take an even more significant toll on you. Are you ready to do it all over again? Perhaps you’re feeling like your age is starting to slow you down. I can tell you that having my first when I was 27 verses when I had my third at 32 was entirely different. I could just tell my body didn’t bounce back as quickly. It’s been harder to keep up with my third than it was my first.

The Real Reason

Sometimes when we encounter a new baby, it stirs up all those fantastic memories we had with our children, but have we taken a step back and evaluated everything. Do we only like the idea of a new baby but haven’t considered things beyond the infant stage? What about potty training? School costs? Extracurricular activities? College costs? Sometimes we forget about what happens when baby grows up.

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Your Next Steps

After considering the needs of your family, lifestyle, financial situation, and real reason, you’ll be able to decide whether another baby is in the stars for you. But I’m going to warn you that no amount of analyzing is going to entirely be right also. If your family is on board, but your finances may not be perfect, does that mean you should forgo it even though your heart knows it’s time? Definitely not. Go for it. [clickToTweet tweet=”You’ll never regret having one more child, but you may regret not having one more child.” quote=”You’ll never regret having one more child, but you may regret not having one more child.” theme=”style5″]

Which factor really spoke out to you? Whatever it is, let me know in the comments!

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