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How to Survive the First 24 Hours at Home With Your Newborn

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You spent 40 weeks growing this little being, read as much info as you can about pregnancy and newborn care, joined online community groups, pinned the heck out of nursery ideas, and more. But no matter how much you try to prepare for your newborn, you’ll never feel “ready.”

I felt incredibly unready when it was time to take our daughter home. I couldn’t believe the hospital was going to let us take this little human being home. Were they sure? Was I sure we knew what we were doing?

I’ll be honest that there was this moment when we got home with our new addition where I nearly hyperventilated at my complete cluelessness about being a mom and caring for our baby.

So how do you survive the first 24 hours at home with baby without the help of medical professionals?

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Don’t Panic

Well, first thing is DO. NOT. PANIC. I firmly believe every woman has innate mothering skills built into them. You are not a completely clueless idiot. You’ve just never done this before, so yes, there will be a learning curve. Don’t focus on what you don’t know and focus on what you do.

Eliminate the massive wave of panic by celebrating the positives. You just welcomed a member of your family. Rejoice!

Also, despite what we think, babies are pretty sturdy. This isn’t to say you should fling ‘em across the room. But keep in mind you don’t have to care for your baby like you would a ticking time bomb. Once you realize this, you’ll be less scared about holding, changing, swaddling, and bathing your baby.

Organize your supplies

Once you get home, have hubby unload the baby supplies you received from the hospital and organize any other must-haves. Setting up your proper changing station will be extremely helpful come changing time. You won’t have to search and dig for all the things you need. This will save you time and sanity.

I loved using a diaper caddy to store all the essentials so I didn’t always have to run back and forth to the nursery room.

Sleep when baby sleeps

You’ll be incredibly tired and wonder how you’re able to function and stand upright. Getting any sort of sleep time is more crucial now than ever. Even if it’s just 30 minutes of snooze time, that’s still better than nothing.

And to help baby sleep so you can sleep, this beloved item by moms everywhere has proven to be a Godsend. It reinvents the womb helping babies sleep longer, helps facilitate cosleeping, and more.

Eat Healthy

Your first meal back at home will most likely be an easy casserole someone else prepared or takeout. No matter what it is, focus on eating a proper diet to keep your energy up and help your body heal after such an ordeal. Wondering what you should eat? These are the best foods for new moms.

And don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids. Keep a handy glass of water at the ready.

No visitors

Everyone will want to see baby, and you may have even received quite a few visitors in the hospital. Limit visitors once you’re home so you can rest and don’t feel the burden to play hostess. Don’t feel guilty about telling friends and family “not right now.”

Kindly tell visitors you’d like time to recover and adjust and would love to see them in X number of days. They’ll understand.

Communicate with your spouse

You’ll need the help of your spouse now more than ever. I know we tend to do everything on our own then resent our husbands for not doing more. Well, our husbands aren’t mind readers (as nice as that would be) so keep the line of communication open.

Sure they were there for the delivery, but they’ll never understand the physical toll delivering a baby has on the body. So don’t try to be super mom. Ask for help and tell him what you need.

If you need an hour to yourself, tell him. He knows what you went through. He’ll love knowing he’s helping as opposed to fumbling around.

You Got This

Yes, the idea of being entirely responsible for this new being is daunting and those initial 24 hours will be intimidating, but you can do this. You spent 40 weeks growing your baby and endured immense pain during labor to bring baby to the world. You can do anything.

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