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How to Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

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One of the best ways for moms to make money from home is to become a virtual assistant. But there are so many services a virtual assistant can offer that’s it’s often difficult to decide which one to focus on.

Well, a popular and super in-demand VA niche you should consider specializing in for your virtual assistant business is Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest is a powerful visual search engine used by 322 million people every month. Since users come to Pinterest to discover new ideas, it’s an ideal platform for business owners to market, so they need VAs with Pinterest skills to expand their reach.

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Get Familiarized with Pinterest

The first step in becoming a Pinterest VA is understanding the ins and outs of how Pinterest works.

Pinterest is made up of Pins which are visual bookmarks that link back to web pages. These Pins are then saved onto boards to help organize them. Pins within a board should be about the same topic which helps users find ideas and inspiration.

It’s best to also familiarize yourself with Pinterest’s best practices for using their platform. You don’t want to get kicked out for spammy behavior.

The main goal of using Pinterest for marketing is to get the “click.”

So your goal is to help your clients drive more traffic and make more sales by creating click-worthy pins.

Creating Beautiful Pins

A click-worthy Pin consists of an engaging headline and graphic and an interesting pin description that encourages action from Pinners.

You can find great and free high quality stock photos for pin-creation from places like these:

After grabbing the perfect photo, you can create your Pin in free and user-friendly programs like PicMonkey and Canva. And if you need inspiration, they also offer Pinterest templates to get you started.

Distributing Your Pins

After your beautiful pin is created, it’s time to get it out into the Pinterest world. You can do this manually or with a scheduler.

Manually pinning is when you physically save pins to Pinterest. You can do this through Pinterest itself, your website, a Chrome extension, or on the Pinterest mobile app.

Scheduled pinning is when you use a third party program to save your pins onto Pinterest for you. It’s like having an automatic assistant.

Creating Your Pinterest VA Business

Now comes the super fun part of actually creating your business. The first step is to calculate your rate. Your rate will help you create and price your packages.

So what services can you offer? We discussed pin creation, but there’s so much more to it than that.

Grab my list below of 30+ Pinterest virtual assistant services you can offer. The list is taken right from my premium course The Pinterest Virtual Assistant Framework.

The next step is deciding how you will bill clients. You want to make it as easy as possible for clients to pay you. My favorite accounting programs to use are Freshbooks and Wave.

Finally, decide on your business structure. A sole proprietorship is the simplest and most popular form of business startup. You just pretty much start working. It’s simple and inexpensive.

An LLC is another option for your business structure. With an LLC, you’ll have liability protection. If someone sues you and wins, they would usually be limited to the assets of the LLC and not your personal assets. Of course, I’m not a lawyer or a CPA, so please consult one for details for your situation.

Market Your Pinterest VA Business

And finally it’s time to get the word out about your new Pinterest VA business! The first thing you should do is reach out to friends and family and tell them about your new business. They may end up connecting you with your first client.

Make sure your website is ready to go and you have systems in place for potential clients to contact you.

Social media is popular so set yourself up with a Facebook page. And don’t forget to create a Pinterest business profile for yourself too. You can convert your personal one to a business one if you’d like.

You can always market offline too and your clients don’t always have to be online. Your first client could be from your area.

Get Clients and Provide Excellent Service

Once you get that first client, treat him or her like royalty. Provide over-the-top service so they’ll be a repeat client and give you a glowing testimonial. If you promised to get them something in five days, deliver it in four if you can. It’s best to under promise and over deliver.

Keep providing excellent service and you’ll soon find that you won’t have to market as much because you’ll have a list of clients waiting to work with you.

Providing excellent service to clients is the secret to making your virtual assistant business grow.

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