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Is Proofread Anywhere Worth It? [Full Review]

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This review has been a long time coming. I held off on it for so long because I didn’t think people would take the review seriously now that I also work behind the scenes with Proofread Anywhere (PA).

But then I figured it would be wrong not to share my knowledge and experience with others so they can make an informed decision about PA to see if it’s the fit they’ve been looking to achieve. After all, I wouldn’t be involved with a shady organization anyway.

My opinions are entirely my own and 100% truthful from my own experience.

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Before Proofread Anywhere

So you know I’m a work-at-home mom, but you may not be clear on what I actually do. I am a blogger, virtual assistant, and freelance proofreader. And the only reason how I became any of these things and enjoy the perks of working exclusively at home is because of a course from Proofread Anywhere called Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice™ (TP).

My husband and I were in a rough place around the time I found PA and its course TP. We’d just welcomed another baby and while the bills were getting larger, our savings account was getting smaller. We needed to bring in another form of income. My husband was already working full time, and it wasn’t in his schedule to get a part-time job.

So I knew it was up to me to find something. I had just welcomed a baby and didn’t want to work in retail late into the night to balance with my regular job. I knew that it wasn’t practical to have a 32-hour-a-week job, a part-time job, and still make time for my family (including our brand new baby).

I was at my wit’s end, and on top of that my hormones were still out of balance. It didn’t take much to send me over the emotional cliff.

How I found Proofread Anywhere

I still remember that one day my life changed, and it was all because of my husband. It was in the evening, and my husband said something along the lines of “Hey, I found something you can do…” He happened upon an ad for the Transcript Proofreading course. I glanced at it, and it said something about using your eye for errors to make money from home.

My husband knows what a word/grammar-nerd I am and am always finding spelling and grammar mistakes. He figured it was the perfect fit for me, and he was right!

Mistakenly, I thought this was a job ad at first. You see, I had no idea about the online world and was clueless about learning new skills to create my own business and become my own boss.

TP was the first standalone online course I’d ever taken. Before that, I had no idea there was this whole online education arena and no idea where it would take me.

What is Transcript Proofreading?

Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice™ is the first-ever online course designed to teach students how to proofread court transcripts from anywhere in the world. It’s a rigorous course spanning 9 modules and 60 units, broken into pieces to be purchased separately. The general completion time frame is around four months. Some students take longer and some shorter.

I was able to complete the course within four months.

Who is your instructor?

The beauty and brains behind the course is Caitlin Pyle. She got her start with proofreading in transcript production. After being brutally fired, she proofread (a lot) to keep the lights on at home. This little side hustle earned her $4,000/month and wasn’t so little anymore.

Soon people were interested in how she was making this income and wanted to learn more. So her little blog to teach people how to proofread court transcripts quickly turned into something monumental.

Course layout and costs

The course is housed on Proofread Anywhere. After purchasing, you create login credentials to access the course.

As I mentioned above, it’s broken into pieces, four to be exact.

You start with Beginner Basecamp for seven days (and get four eBooks to keep), then go on to Jumpstart for 30 days, followed by Next Steps for 60 days, and then lastly you can purchase Launch & Earn for lifetime access to everything. The last level (Launch & Earn) contains two higher-up levels you can upgrade to for personalized marketing help from Caitlin.

You never lose your progress, but the time limits encourage you to do the work and not let it just sit there. I have a tendency now to purchase online courses and never finish them.

The course consists of videos and written material.

I think it’s excellent Caitlin has broken up the course this way. It does prevent overwhelm, and if you decide the course isn’t for you, you haven’t invested too much in it (hopefully). Because she cannot guarantee your success (no teacher can), there is a no-refund policy.

When I enrolled in 2016, you could purchase everything at once. The course has had significant updates and thus increased its price to $1,174; however, there are chances to save an extra $230 along the way, which brings your investment to $944.

It’s important to note that you won’t just be investing in the tuition alone. You are encouraged to supplement with texts, have an iPad (which many of us do), and an app ($10) to do the work on your iPad.

What I loved about the Program

I loved the content and learning, so I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Like any course you take, you are encouraged to supplement with textbooks, and PA is no exception. The recommended texts were instrumental to my success.

Another positive of the course is the online community, the Facebook group. Online courses can be isolating and lonely, so this group is incredibly supportive! And you also pick up things from the group not mentioned in the course. For example, what tools are best, what method people recommend for going through the practice exercises, that sort of thing.

There were many times I felt down and that I didn’t have what it took to finish the course. There is always someone in the group to lend kind encouraging words. Caitlin even provided kick-in-the-pants advice when we needed them.

After you graduate, you can join the graduate group where all marketing talk is allowed! Caitlin doesn’t allow marketing specifics in the regular student group since it takes away from learning the material. Only after you show you know what you’re doing, do you get access to learning how to find clients.

Opportunities for improvement

Since taking TP, I’ve enrolled in a large number of other online courses, and I believe there’s a lot of room for improvement for delivering the course. Because there’s so much content to absorb, some things can get lost in the shuffle with the platform it is currently on.

It’s a beautiful course that I don’t think the program it’s on is doing it justice.

Also, when I was taking the course, I felt I could have benefited from more help. At times I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing.

Update: PA has added tutoring services for students who need that extra help. Yay!

My Results

When we purchase anything — especially courses — what we’re looking for is the transformation it promises us. That’s what pulls at our heartstrings and why shopping is such an emotional experience for some.

And what transformation was TP promising? It promised to teach me skills to proofread court transcripts and start my own freelance business (make money). I could be my own boss, and I wouldn’t have to venture into part-time retail work. Yes!

So is that what happened? Yes! A little over a month of graduating, I got my first client! Since then I’ve earned back my tuition fee, and other course costs many times over.

Now the big question… was this course worth it? Hellz, yeah!

PA was the catalyst for my work-at-home journey. My transformation showed me that I am capable of achieving my goals and there’s no excuse for “I don’t know how to do that…” because information is always there.

Since graduating, I’ve been able to work behind the scenes at PA, but that in no way skews my review of the course.

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Who it’s not for

If you don’t already have an eye for spotting errors or don’t love to read, this course isn’t for you. You need to have this innate ability and love for words; otherwise, you’re just wasting your time. You can teach someone to hone and improve their skills, but you can’t teach them to love something they don’t.

If you need to make money fast and don’t have time to learn and master the material, this course isn’t for you. It takes time to pick up this skill and implement what you’ve learned. If you rush, it will show, and you won’t pass and get to the marketing (money) part.

Caitlin only lets those who’ve demonstrated their mastery to learn how to get clients. Because if you can’t figure out where those semicolons and dashes go, you have no right to charge hard-working clients for sloppy work.

This course is also not for people who give up. I went into the course believing my grammar and spelling skills were quite top notch and that I would not have difficulty passing the exams… boy, was I wrong!

TP smacked me in the face and pretty much told me, “Maia, you’re not as great as you think you are. Keep studying because you will get better!” It was quite the rude awakening. At first, I struggled to grasp some of the material, but I kept at it!

If I would have given up when the going got tough, who knows where I’d be now — definitely not enjoying being a full-time freelancer who makes money from home in sweatpants.

What if you don’t want to read transcripts?

If proofreading transcripts doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, Proofread Anywhere has another amazing proofreading course for general proofreading called General Proofreading: Theory and Practice™, shocking name, right? 😉

It’s less expensive and less rigorous, so the completion time is around a month. There are two levels of the course: one with a test and one without a test.

The test version of the course allows you to demonstrate your skills with an exam and upon passing, get your name in front of many writers who could benefit from your services.

General Proofreading is a fraction of the cost of TP at around $497-$597. You can learn more about how to get started with Caitlin’s free workshop. And the best part, you get awesome bonuses like access to the first level of TP!

How should you proceed?

If you think this could mean something to add to your work-at-home arsenal or perhaps just something to finally help break that 9-5 life, I encourage you to check it out. There’s even a free intro course or free workshop you can sign up for!

Like you, I’m never one for just diving in. I spent weeks absorbing all the information about this course. PA has a TON of info to make sure you’re making a super well-informed decision. You might even suffer from information overload! Caitlin wants to make sure only the right people enroll in her course, not people who are lazy, are afraid of hard work, expect things to be easy, etc.

Note: While it’s good to seek out as much info as you can, don’t let analysis paralysis take control and stop you from moving forward.

Proofread Anywhere’s website is filled with information. She has whole sections on FAQs and even a “What would Caitlin Say,” to answer those commonly asked questions she receives daily.

If you do check it out, come back and let me know how it went. If you’re also a former student or just have some questions, let me know in the comments!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2018 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.


  1. Sara says

    Hi , I am really interested in this program. I have major anxiety that I’m working with. I just wanted to know if you recommend it for someone who fights this. Mainly social anxiety.
    If you still recommend it for someone like myself, could you just give me an idea of what it teaches you exactly ?
    Thanks for your time.

    • Maia says

      Hi Sara! I’m not sure about social anxiety, but if you’ve always had an eye for errors and would like to work with clients, you should check it out. Transcript Proofreading teaches you how to proofread court transcripts. 🙂

  2. Sally says

    I have had an interest in this course for quite some time, but have wavered because of the cost. Even though this course is very affordable compared to other online courses, money is tight. As a word nerd and former English tutor, this seemed like a perfect fit! Your review has helped me to make the decision to do the basic course. Thank you for this candid review.

    • Maia says

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m so glad you found my post helpful! From one word nerd to another, I know you’ll learn a ton like I did, and it’ll help jumpstart your freelance career! All the best! 😀