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Kajabi vs. Podia: Why I Chose Podia for My Digital Products

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February 2020 Update: Shortly after publishing this post, I made the difficult decision to cancel my Podia membership and try a different platform that is a better fit for my business goals; however, I still 100% believe Podia is a better alternative to Kajabi.

Of the many ways content creators can make money online, selling their own products is definitely number one.

Whether you’re a seasoned creator or are just drafting your first product, you know how important it is to have a reliable delivery system to get your products to your audience, make a bigger impact, and make more money.

In the Internet space, Kajabi is considered to be the Cadillac of business platforms for selling your content, so they were a strong contender when I was choosing where to house my digital content. I gave Kajabi a try for 30 days.

Lately, Podia has been making a name for themselves and is giving Kajabi a run for their money. With Podia, you can host all of your products in one beautiful place — a digital storefront.

In the end, I went with Podia, and here’s why.

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Podia Is More Affordable Than Kajabi

The first reason is price. With the amount of online tools that bloggers need to keep their business running, it’s so important to keep costs down so you can still make a profit.

Whereas Kajabi’s monthly starter plan, Basic, starts at $149, Podia’s starter plan, Mover, is much more affordable at $39 per month — saving you $1,320 over the year.

If you choose annual billing for either platform, you’ll save more money overall.

Podia Doesn’t Give You Limits

With Kajabi’s starter plan, which again starts at $149/month, you can only have 3 products, 3 pipelines, 10,000 contacts, but only 1,000 active members.

With Podia, whether you’re on the first or second plan, your account comes with unlimited products, customers, emails sent, sales and files hosted.

“Podia is here to support your growth, not put limits on it.”


Podia Has the Same Online Course Features as Kajabi

Along the lines of not giving you limits, I love the numerous available options Podia gives you when creating a course on their platform. These are the features Podia offers for delivering your online course, similar to Kajabi:

  • Drip content: choose when you deliver your content
  • Payment plans: select how you want your students to pay
  • Coupons: set up discounts however you like
  • Quizzes: test your students’ course progress
  • Pre-sell option: the ability to start selling your course before it’s ready by setting a future start date
  • Pre-launch option: the ability to collect email addresses before your online course launches to gauge interest before you build

Deliver Your Digital Downloads on Podia

Another favorable Podia selling point for me is the ability to use Podia for my digital downloads, meaning my eBooks, printables, freebies, what have you.

It doesn’t have to be just courses. If you’ve been using SendOwl or Gumroad to deliver your eBooks, audio books, PDF’s, cheat sheets, checklists, video files, audio files, Podia can replace them so you can house everything under one roof.

If you’re ready to check out Podia for yourself, click below to get started.

Podia Has Speedy Chat Support

Regardless of what plan you’re on, Podia has speedy live chat support. When I first joined Podia, I had lots and lots of questions.

I’d type my question into their chat feature, and I’d have an answer within the hour or less.

Kajabi users only get live chat support if they’re on the second plan, Growth, which is $199/month.

If you’re like me, when you have a question, you want it answered like yesterday, amirite? And you don’t want to pay more for faster service.

On a similar note, when I decided to cancel after my trial period with Kajabi, one of their associates emailed me in an attempt to win me back, which I could appreciate. I responded with a question I had and didn’t get an answer for a couple of days.

That’s not the way to win back a customer.

Room for Improvement

As great as Podia is, there is room for improvement.

First, I’m not crazy about their shopping cart checkout. I don’t like that when people click to buy, they’re prompted for an email address first then it takes them to the next tile for payment info.

I’d love for everything to be on one page with an area clearly marked for a bump offer and testimonials — something similar like ThriveCart or Samcart.

Next, I am not a fan of the sales page editor. It’s restricting and doesn’t invite creativity. I would love for them to add the ability for more customization and include templates so creators can envision the possibilities.

Your Next Steps

Overall, I would still recommend Podia to anyone. They are always making improvements, and I’m amazed at all the new features they roll out on a regular basis. The price point is affordable with features comparable and arguably even better than the big names.

Podia offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card required, so you can get started today. Click the button below to check it out.

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