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Scoping: The Work-At-Home Career You’ve Never Heard Of

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Before I discovered work-at-home freedom, I almost considered going back to college to earn more money. But I didn’t want to take out more student loans, and I couldn’t be sure I could earn more with a new degree because we all know a fancy degree doesn’t automatically mean you’ll get the job you’re seeking.

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Once I discovered you could level up your skills and freelance from home, my college ambitions went out the window.

If you’ve been in my shoes or are currently in my shoes where you want to earn more money but would rather not go back to college, I encourage you to check out scoping.

I’m willing to bet you’ve never heard of scoping, the in-demand skill that’s been around for over 30 years!

Graduates in this scoping field can earn as much as someone with a fancy new college degree without the exorbitant tuition costs of traditional colleges. Student loans, right?! I’m still paying off $30k in student debt.

What is Scoping?

Scoping is the process of editing transcripts for court reporters. During legal proceedings, court reporters write or “take down” these proceedings using steno writers. Afterwards, they import their steno notes into special software that translates the steno into English.

Court reporters then hire scopists to help them save time in the editing process. Scopists are independent contractors meaning they can work from home, and they only need minimal equipment to do the work.

Court reporters make money per page, not per hour, so the more pages they take down, the higher their earning potential. When they outsource the editing/scoping process to scopists, court reporters free up their time to make more money. This is why scopists are valuable and in-demand!

It’s important to note that scoping is not the same as proofreading, another in-demand skill, where eagle eye proofreaders give documents a final look for stray errors that made it through.

How Can I Get Started Scoping?

You can learn everything about scoping including how to launch your scoping business with Internet Scoping School led by instructor Linda Evenson. She is a scoping superstar with more than 40 years of experience. For many years, Linda was certified by Stenograph Corporation to train on Case CATalyst software.

Reporters expect their scopists to be current and knowledgeable on software so that they can be helpful. This is essential to your success as a scopist.

Internet Scoping School is the best scoping course because it’s all-inclusive. It has two to three times the content of other courses, and Linda covers everything a newbie needs to excel in this field, topics like notereading to transcript production to marketing, ethics, ergonomics, commonly made mistakes, actual software training — again, everything a new scopist needs to do the job and be successful!

In addition to the great course content, students also get access to the following:

  • Reduced price on Case CATalyst software key. Includes a year service contract and Audiosync capability.
  • FREE access to all course updates and bonuses.
  • A listing in their exclusive online student directory.
  • Lifetime access to their “Students Only” Facebook group that includes 24/7 access to endless tips and hints to help you with your studies and marketing yourself as a graduate and access to daily help from the head instructor at Stenograph.

This course is an investment in your future, and I wouldn’t want you to jump in blindly. I encourage you to sign up for the free intro course on their site, get your scoping feet wet, and see if scoping is a good fit for you.

How much Money can I make Scoping?

Like I said earlier, scoping is a well-paying career, and it won’t take you four years (and student loans) to learn. It will require lots of hard work to see success because… c’mon what doesn’t?

Remember how court reporters are paid per page? Well, so are scopists.

The average is about $1.00 to $1.25 per page for a regular turnaround job (approximately 2-3 business days). As you build up your speed, you can earn more. For example, if you can scope 40 pages per hour at $1.25 per page, that’s $50 you just earned in that hour!

A well-trained scopist can earn $30,000 per year fresh out of training, but as they improve their craft and speed, they can earn up to $50,000 per year or more. Some of Linda’s students earn over $60,000. Some of her grads are so busy with work, they have to turn away clients.

Check out some of her student success stories. Robin is a work-at-home mom who scopes part time and earns up to $3,000 per week scoping. Darice makes up to $4,500 scoping.

Get Started

So if you’re someone with word skills who’s not afraid of hard work and want to earn solid income, scoping might just be a great fit for you. You don’t have to go back to college to get another fancy degree, rack up more student loans, and struggle to find a job in your field.

You’ll have a lucrative skill that’s in-demand for the foreseeable future with no shortage of work, plus the flexibility to work anywhere at any time.

It’s the ultimate work-at-home freedom you’ve been searching for.

If you’re at all intrigued, sign up for the free intro course at Internet Scoping School.